Not Ordinary

Why do we make this claim?

You’ve had roofers knock on your door, or even call you. Heck, after a storm, we may even do the same.

So, what sets us apart? What makes us ‘special’?

All Pro Roofing & Designers are Insurance Claim Specialists. As Specialists we know the ins & outs of getting your roof paid. In addition EVERY roof inspection and insurance claim is handled by specially trained staff. We get the hard cases paid in most instances.

All Pro Saves You Stress

We give you the details you need to file your claim properly. This is the first step to getting your claim paid. Then, except for making the property available for the roof inspections, you literally can sit back and relax while All Pro takes care of the details. We meet with the adjusters, we present our scope of damages reports, we do what ordinary roofers don’t even know to do.

We take on clients who’s roof claim has already been denied.

Once your claim has been denied your ordinary roofer says “I’m sorry, we tried. How would you like to pay for your new roof?” Accepting defeat is something we just don’t do. There are additional steps that can be taken, and very often are required to get the Insurance company to provide you with the coverage, and protection, you’ve been paying for.

An Ugly Roof May Not Get Paid

Your insurance company doesn’t give a hoot about how your home looks. The coverage you purchase is for DAMAGE ONLY. Wear and tear are on you! So, the roofer you select must be able to show damage on top of the wear and tear. They must be experienced enough to know the difference and how this affects the final settlement, if any, from the insurance company. Do NOT rely on an inexperienced roofing contractor when it comes to this. All Pro knows how to get your worn roof paid for. We know how to get you the coverage you’ve been paying for. Do NOT pay out of pocket for a roof replacement until you’ve talked to us. All Pro knows what the insurance company is liable for. We’re “not your ordinary roofer”.

Arbitration: The Final Step

Here’s what spooks most roofers. They simply are not prepared to go to bat for the homeowner. We do not shy away from arbitration, in fact many of our client’s cases are settled in arbitration. In almost 30 years, we’ve never lost an arbitration case. No ordinary roofer can make this claim.

Installing Your New Roof

Once your claim is approved All Pro really shines. We do the job right and clean up afterwards. Depending on the weather, start to finish is just a few days, even for large complicated roofs. Ordinary roofers often take much longer to complete even simple roof replacements.

Simply Put: All Pro Roofing & Designers is “Not Your Ordinary Roofer”.