Insurance Claim Specialists

It Is Important That You File Your Roof Damage Insurance Claim Correctly. An Improperly Filed Claim Will Be Denied.

All Pro Roofing & Designers are DFW’s insurance claim specialist. First of all, make sure your dates are correct. Do not guess when the damage occurred. Do not give your opinion that may include mitigating circumstances. File your claim and use an expert to get your claim paid. Your insurance agent may appear to be your friend, but the agent works for the insurance company. Do not divulge too much information in your conversations with your agent. All Pro will help you “do it right”.

No one surpasses All Pro’s record of getting claims paid.

While others may learn the process, at your expense, All Pro’s experts have the training and 30 years of experience to represent your interests when dealing with your insurance company. We often get claims paid when other roofers have failed.

Should your claim be denied, which often happens, All Pro stands ready to represent valid claims in arbitration. In 30 years, All Pro has never lost an arbitration case.

All Pro’s 5 Star Rating, Google Guarantee and Better Business Bureau’s A+ Accredited 5 Star Rating speak for themselves. We provide our neighbors top quality services. Our word is our bond.

All of the above services are offered FREE of cost to homeowners that choose us as their roof replacement contractor.

Insurance Claim Specialist

We don’t stop there.

Our expertise extends to all your weather related damage claims. We inspect the outside of your home for other damaged items, such as gutters, fences, walls, etc. Interior paint will be inspected as well. All Pro has your best interest at heart as we guide you in receiving all of the benefits you’ve been paying for.

The key to all of this is a properly filed claim and expert representation. Your insurance company employs experts to protect their assets and find ways to deny your claim. You need an expert, such as All Pro, to represent you in protecting your assets and get your claim paid.