Our customers love us and we strive to keep it that way.

“All Pro specializes in insurance replacement. My insurance company denied my claim, All Pro stepped in on my behalf and the insurance company had a change of heart. My roof claim was paid in full.”

                                                                – Sam S.


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Review for Roof Replacement

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Review for Roof Replacement

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Review for Roof Replacement

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Review for Roof Replacement

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Review for Roof Replacement

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Review for Roof Replacement

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28 reviews «1 of 5»

We are very satisfied with our overall experience with All Pro Roofing and Designers. Brad and crew are the Best of the Best in our book.  Attached is our Google review and we rate All Pro 5 Stars!


When All Pro says they specialize in Insurance Roof Replacements, they mean it. My roof had been denied, then I found All Pro. Brad went to bat for us, met with the adjuster and the adjuster changed his determination. Our roof, gutters and even trim paint were covered. All Pro knows their business, and they will always be our ‘roofer’.

Frank W


My experience with All Pro Roofing has been simply amazing. Every step was explained in detail and they made the entire process a breeze. I highly recommend All Pro Roofing.


Brandy E.

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