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Filing A Claim

NOTICE:  DO NOT File a Claim BEFORE You Speak with Us!

It is very important that you file your claim properly. A claim that has incorrect (non-exact) information will be denied. You must be very cautious in this step. We are here to help!

All Pro Roofing & Designer’s knows how to get your roof claim paid! Even if you’ve already been turned down we can often get your roof paid for you. 

Getting storm damage paid is not easy!

We walk you through the steps necessary to file your claim properly. Once filed, we take it from there, meeting with your adjusters to provide information and knowledge to get your claim paid. The adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. You need an experienced, knowledgeable, professional to represent you. We do this at no additional charge. If warranted, we even represent you in arbitration where our success at getting claims paid is second to none.

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Remember, a storm damage claim cannot count against you. You cannot be cancelled, nor can your rates be raised due to filing a claim.